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We Believe You Are Not An Accident
We believe that we are chosen by God for His purposes. We are not an accident.  We have all endured being picked for a team. Our greatest fear is we will be picked last or not picked at all.  The message is clear: you are nobody!  If you are that person there is great news in this message.  Listen.  (Click on Logo to listen or download)  
We Are Called to A Higher Purpose  
“Make God Smile” – We Believe we are called to a higher purpose than our own self-fulfillment and personal happiness.  We are called to live a life of worship.  Listen!  (Click on Logo to listen or download)  
“We Believe What You Believe Shapes Your Life”
“We Believe What We Believe Shapes our Lives”.  If we let God’s pattern for this world shape our lives we will have the best life possible now and the hope of life forever.   (Click on Logo to listen or download)  
 “We Believe”
Yes, we do. Jesus makes an incredible statement, “any one who lives and believes in me will never die.” How can anyone believe that? Actually, there is no reason…..except for one historical event, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Listen!
“Finish Well”
It’s not how you begin.  It’s not where you are right now.  It’s how you finish that matters.  Everyone can finish well!  Listen to what Jesus teaches us about how to finish well.