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Mission Trip – Summer 2018
We are very excited to announce the destination for our next summer mission trip; Niagara Falls, NY!  Over the last 7 years, we have taken our Teens south, east and west, but in July 2018 we will be headed north.   
Our Teens will be leaving for Niagara Falls on Sunday, July 1st and returning home on Friday, July 6th.  We will be bonding as group, studying God’s Word, serving various local ministries, and enjoying one the greatest sites in the world.  This trip is for all students 6th – 12th grade and adults. 
Every trip has been a amazing journey and we are very excited about this trip!  If you have any questions about this trip, please contact Jeremy (!  The cost of the trip is $325 a person, with $50 required as a non-refundable deposit.  The deadline to sign up is Dec 24th!  Sign Up today, space will fill up fast!!
Go with us and see us how God changes your life in Niagara Falls, NY!   
Christmas Party – Dec 17th
We are looking forward to a fun evening around the UTX celebrating Christmas!  We will be hosting a Christmas Party for all of our Middle School and High School students on December 17th, 6:00 pm!  
We would like to invite all of our students to bring a gift to be used for a gift passing game.  Gifts should be no more than $10-15 in value, gender-less in nature (good for either male or female), and gift cards are not permitted.  Be creative, think outside the box, and please do not bring gag gifts.
We will be eating a “Party Sub” for dinner.  We will be asking girls to bring chips or cookies and boys to bring a 2-liter drink.   Parents are welcome to also send desserts, and join the party with us!!
Progressive Night of Fun –

Wednesday, Dec 27th

We will be hosting a very fun night of food and activities!  We will be meeting at the UTX at 6:00 pm, then going multiple places around Madison for a lot of fun, activities, food, and group bonding!   
This activity is for all Middle School and High School Students, along with any adults who would like to attend!   
If you would like to host a leg of this night, please let Jeremy know…the plans are currently being organized! 
Winter Wonderland Family Activities!  
We have planned some great activities for January for the whole family…Children, Teens, Parents, etc
  • January 13th – we will be taking a group to tube down some snow covered hills at the Perfect North Slopes!  The cost per person to unlimited tube is $20.  
  • January 21st – we will be taking a group to ice skate at the Lexington Ice Arena!  The cost per person to skate will be $10 for 11 year and older.   
We hope you will be able to attend at least one of these great adventures!
Habitat for Humanity –
 There are 3 great ways you can help with Habitat for Humanity!


We have begun a “Empty Envelope Drive” to help Habitat build the latest house in Richmond.  Here is how you can help…
  • Take an envelope off the bulletin board that is located in the basement. There is no limit to the amount of envelopes one person can pick up!
  • Fill the envelope with the designated dollar amount 
    • cash or check, payable to MHCC
    • donations can also be accepted electronically, please note: Habitat envelope drive
    • Return the envelope to the church by Nov 19th.  Envelopes can placed in the offering.  Please, DO NOT RETURN FILLED ENVELOPES TO THE BULLETIN BOARD.  
      If Every Envelope is Returned with the designated amounts…we will raise over $6,000 for Habitat!!  
We are working on setting up dates in January to finish the house that we have started building in September.
Just a Reminder… 
All volunteers must be 13 years old and older.  Adults 18 years and older are allowed to use power tools, while students age 13-18 are not permitted to use power tools.  If you are physically unable to serve on this project, donations of food or drink will be much appreciated during times of construction.  The most important thing anyone can do throughout this project is to pray for the process, those working and especially the family whom the home is being constructed.
Please add this project to your daily prayer time! There are so many people working on this project, so many lives trying to be a blessing, and a family of 4 receiving the benefits of everyone’s hard work!  Ask God to guide those that are guiding the decisions on this home, those that are physically working on this home, and those that are raising funds for this project!  
We are encouraging everyone in our church family to participate in assisting Habitat in one of these fantastic ways!  There is a family of 4 (single mother, 3 children) that are needing assistance, will we be the ones to answer the call in our community?
2017-2018 Theme
In today’s world, there are so many ways that people are looking for help! People turn to the internet, their friends, adults, and other places for help in all kinds of situations.
In today’s world, being real, genuine, honest, transparent and “on the level” is extremely important. The Apostle Paul urges the members of the Thessalonian church to be pure and devoted to God, with a strong spirit, soul and body. There are no short cuts to follow God and faking it is not an option.
What if someone wrote a book that dealt with everything from loving others, dating, family matters, giving, humanity, self-control, and many other subjects?  The Bible was written as a “How-To Manual” to help everyone survive their earthly journey so as to enjoy a heavenly destination!

Teen Ministry Flyer (2017-2018)

Some Great Information about our Teen Ministry:
The Teenagers at the Madison Hills grow together, learn together, love God together, worship together, and live life together.  Regardless if a teen is in Middle School (6th-8th grade) or High School (9th-12th grade), he or she will find a comfortable environment to seek God.  Throughout this school year, we will be challenging all our Teens to evaluate their Direction in life and to point their lives towards God.
We meet weekly to discover God’s greatness – in the building across the parking lot from the church building (just look for the blue door and blue steps).  With an array of games tables, video screens (large and small), high tables/stools, kitchen, stage and more…our space(s) are very special!

…For Middle School…

The BRIDGE – Matthew 7:1

SYNC Lesson.017IMG_0229








…For High School…

The UTX (Under the Cross) – Luke 9:23

IMG_0239(1)SYNC Lesson.018
Our Fully Functional KitchenIMG_0240
(Complete with Commercial Microwaves, Popcorn Maker, Coffee pots, Large Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, and many other kitchen amenities…)

UTX Party Deck

This is a great place to fellowship before or after an event, safely overlook the church parking lot, and enter or exit the UTX/Bridge facility. 
(Note:  We also have an handicap accessible door on the other side of the building)


In Matthew 7:7, Jesus begins to wind down his sermon on the Mount with an encouragement for his followers… 

“Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened to you.”  

We have set aside a place where our Teens can  

  • “Ask” God to take care of a prayer request!
  • “Seek” encouragement from our group…something big is coming and fans would be great (sporting event, special occasion, etc)!
  • “Knock” a beat that the group just needs to hear!  This is opportunity to post a favorite scripture, blessing, answered prayer, etc. for the group to see! 



Our Spiritual Growth Programs:


We Encourage all of Teens and Families to  participate (together)

in the Adult Worship Service.  We believe in the importance of

corporate worship, along with Teen participation in worship.  During this

worship service Teens and Families will experience contemporary worship

(live band), weekly communion service, encouraging preaching!   

Every Sunday Morning –   9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.



This is Large Group Growing

Experience for Middle School and High School Students.

(in separate spaces…see above)

We discuss various themes that help Teens get into a closer relationship with God and their peers! 

     Every Sunday Morning –   10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.



This is Large Group Growing

Experience for Middle School and High School Students.

(in separate spaces…see above)

We discuss various themes that help Teens get into a closer relationship with God and their peers! 

     Every Wednesday Evening –   6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Our Teen Ministry Leadership:unnamed
Our Teen Ministry is led by many wonderful, inspired, and God-following people.  This group leads through lessons, planning and organizing events that will lead students to a closer relationship to Jesus Christ and to others who follow Him. 
Our leadership is comprised of 2 groups working together:  Adult Leaders and Student Leaders.  Our Adult leaders lead by teaching, attending events, and being great role models for students. 
Our Student Leaders are comprised of students who want to be personally involved in leading their peers to a personal relationship with God!  
Are you interested in joining our Leadership Team…please contact Jeremy Wasch ( 


Follow our Teen Ministries on Social Media


Facebook – madisonhillsteens

             Twitter –  @mhteen

     Instagram – MH_Teens

SYNC Lesson (09).004
Do You/Your Teens Text? 
We encourage All our Teens to join our Texting Group…which is a way to be reminded about upcoming events, special occasions, or great news!  
This Texting Group is for Teens and Parents…Parents also receive weekly/bi-weekly emails about upcoming events, etc! 
Send a note to Jeremy ( to be added to our emailing list! 
2017 Summer Mission…
Mission Trip: Knoxville, Tennessee

25 Students and 5 Adults traveled 2 1/2 hours south on
        I-75 and spend a wonderful
week in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

        Our group spent the week with Christ in Youth   
        (; talking about what it means to 
        let  God RESTORE us, assisting local organizations, and
        bonding as a group.  We were blessed to spent the week

at Grace Baptist church; worshiping, eating, showering, and sleeping!  This was truly one of the most amazing weeks we have ever spent on aMission Trip!!

Theme: “RESTORE” – book of Nehemiah

2016 Summer Mission Trip…
 Mission Trip:  Daytona Beach, FloridaFullSizeRender.jpg
40 of our Teens and 6 Adults spent a week in Daytona Beach, Florida spreading the Love of Christ.  We experienced one of the best weeks ever…worshiped and stayed at Grace EpiscopalIMG_5949 Church and served many local ministries around the Daytona area.   
Theme:  “First Love” – 1 John 4:19

Check out our 2 videos from the week!




Walk back memory lane with us and check out our past Mission Trips…

Athletes, Club Members, Extra-Curricular Activities Participants… 

  • We want to know when your Teen is involved in something special!It is impossible to come and cheer on all of our students all the time (80+ students) but if we know that someone is doing something special, we want our Team of Adults prepared to congratulate those students for their achievements.
    • Does your son or daughter play a sport, involved in a private organization, participate on an academic team, act on a stage, or play in the band?
    • Please let us know!
    • Please email any news about our Teens to Jeremy at


We have so many other things going on around our Teen Ministry, just stop by and see for yourself!!

If you have any questions about the Teen Ministry, please feel free to contact Jeremy Wasch anytime at 
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