Would you like to join one of our Growth Opportunities/Gathering Groups?  We have groups that meet weekly, monthly, and at special times throughout the year.  These groups are a great way to get to know our church members, grow closer to God, get deeper in His word! 
We have inviting groups, loving people and welcoming environments…come and check a group out! 

Wednesdays for Everyone!!

Wednesday Night Gatherings (5:45 pm – 7:30 pm) –
We are extremely excited to experience a wonderful program!  We will be experiencing the fabulous follow-up program to “The Story”, titled Believe.  Through this program we will answer the questions; What do I believe, What shall I do, and Who am I becoming?  From Adults, to teens, to children…all groups will be studying the same main points on the same evening!  
We will also be hosting a Wednesday night meal that
will be extremely family friendly.  The cost of the weekly meal is $3 a person (or $10 for the whole
family) will cover the expenses of the meal.   We will be serving the meal in the “Community
Room”, then break for classes after dinner.
Here is our Lesson/Menu Schedule for the Fall:
Date – Lesson —  Menu
Aug 23rd –  Intro  —  Chicken Strips/Mac and Cheese
Aug 30th –  God  —  Tacos (Hard, Soft, Salad)
Sept 6th – Personal God  —  Spaghetti / Garlic Bread
Sept 13th – Salvation  —  Sloppy Joes / Fries
Sept 20th – The Bible  —  Soup / Chili
Sept 27th –  Identity in Christ  —  Deli Sandwiches / Chips
Oct 4th – Church  —  BBQ Sandwiches / Cole Slaw
Oct 11th – Humanity  —  Tacos (Hard, Soft, Salad)
Oct 18th – Compassion  —  Spaghetti / Garlic Bread
Oct 25th –  Stewardship  —  Sloppy Joes / Fries
Nov 1st – Eternity  —  Soup / Chili
Nov 8th – Worship  —  Pizza and Chips
Nov 15th – Prayer  —  Thanksgiving Potluck
*Note – We will provide meal listed above, along with salad and drinks.  We encourage folks sign
up to bring a dessert.  Please follow the link and volunteer to bring a dessert to complete the
fabulous meals!
Bible Study for Adults/Parents!
Mike Ferris will be leading a Bible Study for Adults in the “Community Room” of the Main Building. This growth opportunity will be a great way for Parents to grow in the Word together, along with encouraging growth for Teens and Children to be involved with our 2nd service experiences.   We strongly encourage families (parents, teens, children) to attend our 9:30 am service, then get involved in our wonderful 10:45 am programs!  
The Lesson Schedule for this Experience…
Sept 10 – Perfectly created?  Missing the opportunity to tell God “I love you”. (Gen 3)
Sept 17 – Parental  influence…Does it point toward the road of life or destruction? (Gen 22)
Sept 24 – TBA
Oct 1– God’s amazing opportunities…that moment you realize you missed it. (Matt 14:22-33)
Oct 8 – Sticking your foot in your mouth and living to regret it…Peter did it too but, at least his foot was clean (John 13)
Oct 15 – Subtle destruction and one man’s restoration…Peter: salvage yard to the showroom floor 
(Luke 22:54 & John 21:15)
Oct 22. –  Dec 17th
A journey through the Gospels…You’ve got one life…”Don’t waste it” 
Gathering Groups!
We have a great group of “groups” that love to meet together, share meals, and do life together!  We have several different groups that have encompass all walks of like and experience!  If you would like more information, would like to join one of our groups, or begin a group from scratch please contact Marty, marty@madisonhills.org!
Check out of Other Small Groups:
Saturday Women’s Bible Study  (8:00 a.m.) – led by Kathy Marshall
  • This group of women meets in the Classroom at the end of The UTX and they study various DVD studies by renown authors such as Beth Moore.