Family Ministries

Joshua 24:15“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  
We at Madison Hills know how important the family structure in growing closer to God.  Whether your family is made up of parents and children, grandparents and children, or a non-traditional collection of people under one roof, we pray that your family will grow closer through our worship, growth opportunities, and special activities! 
We are beginning a new focus at Madison Hills that will bring families closer together in the worship service, encourage Teen/Children involvement on a weekly basis, and create a time for Parents to learn together while encouraging Teens/Children to be involved with age appropriate programming during our the 10:45 am service. 

We are encouraging all our families, parents, teens, and children to attend our 9:30 am Worship Service together, then participate in our wonderful programming during the 10:45 pm service! 


During our 9:30 am Worship Service,
we will continue to have a class for Preschool/Kindergarten aged children (Kim’s class), as well as a staffed nursery.  Beginning this Sunday, children 1st grade through High School will worship together with adults in the auditorium. 

During our 10:45 am Worship Service, we will have classes for 1st-5th grade children in the basement, classes for teens in the UTX/Bridge, and we are excited to announce we will be hosting a class for adults in the “Community Room”! 


Mike Ferris will be leading a Bible Study for Adults in the “Community Room” of the Main Building. This growth opportunity will be a great way for Parents to grow in the Word together, along with encouraging growth for Teens and Children to be involved with our 2nd service experiences.    

The Lesson Schedule for this Adult Experience…
Sept 10 – Perfectly created?  Missing the opportunity to tell God “I love you”. (Gen 3)
Sept 17 – Parental  influence…Does it point toward the road of life or destruction? (Gen 22) 
Sept 24 – TBA
Oct 1- God’s amazing opportunities…that moment you realize you missed it. (Matt 14:22-33) 
Oct 8 – Sticking your foot in your mouth and living to regret it…Peter did it too but, at least his foot was clean (John 13)
Oct 15 – Subtle destruction and one man’s restoration…Peter: salvage yard to the showroom floor (Luke 22:54 & John 21:15)

Oct 22 –  Dec 17th – A journey through the Gospels…You’ve got one life…”Don’t waste it”



Come and Celebrate the Family Growing closer to God through A Family Worship Experience!