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Welcome to the Madison Hills Christian Church website.  This will tell you more about our church.  Just scroll through or hit the menu icon at the top right of the page.  At Madison Hills you are welcome, wanted and loved!   
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Making a Difference
We have 42 active ministries at Madison Hills that are all making a difference.  You can explore more about our ministries by clicking on the graphics below.   If you have questions just drop us an email at mhcc@madisonhills.org.  
We Care About Our Community! 
Several years ago we asked ourselves this question, “if Madison Hills ceased to exist, would it make any difference in our community?”  We didn’t like the answer to that question, so, we set out to make a difference in our community for Jesus. We have seven active outreach ministries.  Click the logo to learn more. 
I Have Teens! 
Click on the logo to discover the ministries and opportunities we have for the teens in our church.  Led by Jeremy Wasch, this ministry is dynamic and making a difference for our teens.  
I Have Children! 
We have a wonderful nursery, preschool and children’s ministry at Madison Hills.  Steve and Terry Marino lead the Children’s ministry. Kim Masters leads our preschool ministry and Ashley Sawyer leads our nursery ministry. They are making a difference in our children’s lives.  They will love your children and your children will love it!   Click on the logo to find out more. 
Welcome Home
Our worship ministry will lead you to worship!  That’s what we strive for.  Our worship is contemporary but it is not over the top and it will not peel the hair off of your head.  If you like contemporary with dignity, you will love our worship.  
Our Leaders
Our leaders provide the vision and spiritual leadership to insure that Madison Hills is doing God’s will and fulfilling his purposes so that we can make a difference for his kingdom.  To find out more about our staff click the logo!  
We Believe
Yes, we do.  We believe that what we believe shapes who are, what we do and our eternal destiny.  Believing is important.  To see the basic tenets of our faith, click on the logo.  

Audio Sermon Archive

Listen to the latest messages from Madison Hills
Your Grief will Turn to Joy
Jesus looks beyond the hurt to the victory.  So can you!  Click on the logo to Listen. 
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
“Trouble – Trouble, trouble, trouble; trouble been doggin’ my soul since the day I was born…”  Ray Montagne.  So true.  Jesus tells us why we don’t have to let our hearts be troubled.  Listen.   (Click on Logo to listen or download)  
“Jesus Knew” 
Jesus knew who he was.  He knew where he came from.  He knew where he was going.  It made all the difference.  It can for you, too.  Listen.   (Click the logo to hear the message)
Freedom is more than a right!   Listen to find out! (Click on the logo to listen or download)
Church Calendar
It’s always up to date! You can trust it!  

Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-noon

Church Location & Address: 960 Red House Rd, Richmond Ky. 40475

Telephone: 859.575-1575

Email: mhcc@madisonhills.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/madisonhills

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